About ISAC

ISAC, the Icelandic Board for Technical Accreditation (in Icelandic: Faggildingarsvið Hugverkastofunnar), is the single national accreditation body (NAB) of Iceland.

ISAC is an independent division within the Icelandic Intellectual Property Office (ISIPO) (in Icelandic: Hugverkastofan) which is a governmental entity. It is financially and operationally independent from ISIPO. ISAC is financed with annual budgetary contributions from the government along with revenues from its accreditation operations.

The organizational chart for ISAC can be found here.

ISAC provides accreditation for inspection bodies, testing laboratories and certification bodies. ISAC is responsible for all aspects of accreditation including granting, maintaining, increasing the scope, reducing the scope, suspending and withdrawing accreditation according to applicable standards, laws and regulations. ISAC also is the responsible body for assessing good laboratory practises (GLP).

ISAC is a member of the European co-operation for Accreditation (EA). EA´s role is to develop and maintain a mulitlateral aggreement of mutual recognition (the EA MLA) based on a harmonized accreditation infrastructure.

ISAC is in the application process for EA peer-evalutation.

Please contact ISAC for any further information regarding accreditation and the services that are offered, queries, feedback and complaints.


ISAC – Faggildingarsvid Hugverkastofunnar

Katrínartúni 4

105 Reykjavik


Phone & Email

+(354) 580-9400